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Authentic Knits Made of Natural Materials

Polina Milanova learns how to knit at the age of 3. Her love for knitting grows constantly, which gives her the idea of establishing her own brand – Chakamche


It’s interesting to mention the meaning of the brand’s name – a ten-minute nap.

Knitted Swimwear

I knit all kinds of bizarre things. I wouldn’t claim that one product is more special than another one, but personally, I really love the swimwear I knit. A lot of people are surprised to see a knitted swimwear look like that.


My knitted swimwear is made of cotton. That cotton is thin and hypoallergenic, which makes it a suitable material for swimwear, when it’s knitted finely. In the beginning, I used to sell such swimwear mainly abroad. In Bulgaria people find it odd, because when they hear knitted swimwear, they immediately think it’s woolen.


As a feedback I often hear how people like my swimwear very much, but it’s too strange for them to imagine themselves wearing knitted swimwear. Recently, however, they are more and more people who become interested in my products.


For my works I use natural materials – cotton, wool, linen, bamboo, wood, coconuts, seashells, pebbles. I love nature and I create my products through it. Not only is nature an inspiration, but it is also our home, which we are obliged to take care of. I really enjoy knitting in the mountains or somewhere in nature, in the city’s sea garden, for example.


Makeup Pads

I knit everything. Almost every idea of mine has turned into a part of my knitted creations. One of the products, I was really excited about in terms of people’s recognition, was the multi-use makeup pads. That is a more sustainable alternative of the single-use pads, which we throw away daily.


I used such pads for a while and I decided to present them to some friends. I got really surprised when I saw how unexpectedly big the interest for them was. That’s why I knitted around hundred makeup pads, which I could give to people who wanted to try out that alternative. This way I gathered a lot of different opinions about it. After that I already knew what I need to change and improve in the product.

The pads are made of cotton and they are suitable for makeup removal or face cleanse and massage. One can hand-wash them or simply put them in the washing machine after they are used.  There is also a knitted bag along with the pads, where you can put them before washing them in the washing machine. Using these pads, you not only have that nice feeling on your face, but you also have the nice feeling of avoiding one more unnecessary garbage. I already work on making different variations of the pads, according to different girls’ needs.

I believe that every small choice matters not only for us, but also for the environment around us. This little favor for your face is as well a big favor for nature!

Special and Personal

Every product of mine is personally for somebody. Clients have particular requirements when it comes to size or the material for the knit I’m about to make. 


I make every product specially for somebody. I know his/her particular demands, as well as his/her name and some other details they shared in our communication. I believe that you can give away energy through a piece of clothing, an object etc. That’s why I am trying to put bright thoughts into my products.


I don’t have anything in stock. I don’t go to markets to show my creations either, because I don’t have any. Once done, the product goes to a particular client. I mainly work on a custom basis. It can be said that my knits are individual and boutique.

The Handcraft

I should definitely mention my grandfather, who didn’t exactly teach me how to knit, but he definitely has to do with all my work.


He is knitting woolen socks all the time. A pair of them goes to every of his guests. Along with his woolen socks that somebody ordered, I often add some other creations of several grandmas (sometimes they are even women I don’t know). They are really happy any time I ask them for help. They think knitting is slowly dying as a craft, but I don’t think so. All the time I encounter more and more young women who knit or girls who want to learn how to do it. 


And thanks to people who prefer handmade products there will always be people who would make these products.

In my heart I’m sure that machines are not yet capable of replacing the energy that flows in the hands of the creator.


Polina’s Message for Us

I am truly thankful of Ambicia magazine for reaching out for people like me. We really have the need to be discovered and appreciated.

I wish you all to explore many other people, who have various and interesting activities.

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